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This is the official web site for the Disston Heights Civic Association.  DHCA was formed in 1955 as a way for neighbors to come together and share their concerns about the neighborhood.  It continues today as a place for you to engage with your community, socialize with your neighbors, meet city representatives, local politicians, and neighborhood businesses. DHCA is the largest neighborhood civic association in St. Petersburg, representing over 5,000 homes. We are always looking for new members who want to build a community, have fun, and when necessary, solve problems. Please come join us!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Disston Heights Civic Association welcomes you and your families to join us as we welcome guest speaker, Lana Stevanovic, Public Education Specialist at St Petersburg Fire & Rescue.

Se will talk with us about hurricane preparedness; we'll receive information about both city and county resources that will help us prepare for a storm--resources for both our people families and our pet families.  (Pets often get forgotten in the melee of a storm, and we don't want to do that!!)

We'll learn what we should do to prepare for a storm;
what we should do be doing during a storm; and, recommended
storm recovery action plans.

Also, at the May meeting, we'll be voting for a new President.  Jim Housley regretfully resigned due to health issues.  The Board has, in accordance with the bylaws, nominated Jennifer Joern for President.  After soliciting nominations from the floor, the association will elect a new President on Tuesday. 

Monthly meetings are the second Tuesday of every month and take place at the St. Petersburg Community Church, 4501 30th Avenue North, St. Petersburg, FL.

Social time..................6:30 p.m.

Meeting begins..........7:00 p.m.  (sharp!)

Upcoming Schedule of Events

May 10, 2016   Disston Heights Assoc. Meeting
June 14, 2016   Disston Heights Assoc. Meeting annual "Summer Snack" meeting.
June, July, and August
  Some interesting socials--stay tuned!!
September 13, 2016
  Disston Heights Assoc. Meeting

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DHCA Boundaries:
P.O.B. 5th Ave. No. heading north on 58th St. No., 
to 30th Ave. No., West toward 62nd St. No., (canal)
North to the No. side of 34th Ave. No., 
West to 66th St. No., North to the city limits 
of approx. 40th Ave. No., East to 34th St. No., 
South to 13th Ave. No., West to 49th St. No., 
South to 5th Ave. No. and West to 58th St. No.

The map is available here.
Disston Heights Civic Association | P.O. Box 41592 | St. Petersburg, FL 33743-1592

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